• Remote work is here to stay

    "the new normal" redefines the geography of the workforce
  • Ukraine: the country that codes

    Discover the continuosly growing pool of talents with strong techincal skills and creativity in problem solving

Who we are

We are a company of tech-enthusiasts who believe borders have become meaningless in a remote world. We enable the top tech talents in Ukraine to work on the most challenging IT projects internationally.

Our principles

Core of our values

Only the top talents

Thanks to our very challenging hiring process and our internal training program, we aim to hire the best talents and keep them at their best throughout their careers with us

Protected: Lasting partnerships

T3/UA builds a long-term relationship both with our talents and our customers


Work is done exclusively remotely, at our talents’ home-offices. After-work events though…

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I am a developer/devops/data engineer:

I want to build a career in a company to:

– be with peers that will be able to help me progress

– develop both technical & soft/management skills

– avoid handling administrative tasks and worrying about finding my next gig

I am most productive when working remotely

I am proficient in English and want to continue improving my language skills

I am looking for the best tech talents:

I need already experienced talents to accelerate my project

I’m looking to build a trust relationship to collaborate long-term

I am comfortable with integrating remote-only workers our outsourcing completely a project

Using English is not a problem

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